It’s Not Always About The Fish, Right?

For the first time we had a camping to the North Umpqua River for the veterans who brought their children. It was special. We got to help ODFW to move some really huge breeder fish at Rock Creek Hatchery. One fish was almost too much to handle. Otherwise hiking, fly-fishing, visiting Frank and Jeannie Moore and more!

Rusty’s Journal: 

Friday, 05/26/2017

It’s been since the article I wrote about Steamboat that the opportunity has allowed me to fall asleep listening to the North Umpqua.

This time I’m blessed with a glimpse into the future. I was able to see two parents connect and ground themselves with their children. I saw little early morning eyes gradually turn into trustful and compassionate expressions of a soul.

Soon I will be able to share this same journey. Connecting and sharing the pure love of my soul with a beautiful boy named Lian. (Lian is my 2-years-old son).

Saturday, 05/27/2017

A big salmonfly just flew into my tent and landed on my note pad. Most likely someone would jump out of their tent, a gear chucker would smash it, or a bobber watcher would eat it. Being a fly-fisherman, I know the significance and beauty of such a bug. I catch it loosely in my hand and safely free it outside.

Taking a group of Vets on a fishing trip with their kids brings a very deep purpose to the journey. Introducing a little girl to fly-fishing and getting her “hooked” has opened the door to new journeys that this girl and her single mother can enjoy together, healing and growing together.

It isn’t always about the veteran. It can be about the future.

Sunday, 05/28/2017

After breaking camp I took the group to Frank and Jeannie Moore. I confide in Frank often to keep grounded and hopefully obtain some of their wisdom through osmosis.

Samantha and Emma counted Frank’s hats (at least 84), Seth and Corin were captivated by Jeannie, and Frank and I talked.

It was, and always is. A beautiful visit. Frank took the girls out to feed his fish and talked with Seth and Corin at length about hatchery and wild fish. Our visit turned out longer than thought and not once did they pick up a rod!

It isn’t always about the fish, right?






The Tasty North Umpqua:


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Hungry, Mr. Frank?


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