Hikes for Women Veterans Only

We’ve had two hikes on the North Umpqua Trail, and we were touched to hear from Brandy, who is leading hikes for our women veterans.

Brandy said, “When I headed out to the meeting spot for that first hike, I was excited and also very nervous. I knew this women’s outreach program was something I needed, but was it actually something other women veterans needed? Eight women promptly arrived, and within a few minutes I realized that the hike was going to be successful, and that Source One Serenity’s outreach was something definitely needed in our community. In just a few hours together, I watched bonds forming between the ladies. This awesome group of women began sharing their stories and their lives, and putting their hearts out there for others to see. No judgment, no competition, just open hearts and support for each other.

“Since we completed that first hike, I have had multiple followup encounters with the eight women I hiked with that first day. They have shared their stories and told me things such as, “I finally feel like I found my place in Roseburg,” “You were the friend I was looking for,” and “I needed this group more than you know.”

In summing up, Brandy said, “My heart is happy, my soul is feeling connected, and I am super excited about the future of our women’s program at Source One Serenity. I plan on continuing our twice-monthly hikes through the fall and winter, and I am actively making plans for some additional activities over the next few months. The hikes are only the beginning!”

September 2018

If you want to join the group of women veterans, send us an email to: womenvethike@dev.sourceoneserenity.org.