Nature is loud with silence


By Keith Glovan

Post-9/11 US Army veteran from Roseburg, OR

I have known Rusty [the co-founder of Source One Serenity] for some time now; heard of his adventures but never partook in the action. These past few months I’ve been trying to process so many things on my own always hoping to drown things out with “noise”.

Where we went, nature was loud with silence. Ok, so long story short: Being out in the wilderness with Rusty, fishing, walking, camping. He reminded me that it’s not about the’s about the journey.

I had a hard time seeing life from a wider perspective. Nature has a way of making a person remember who we are and where we come from. Having the opportunity to completely disconnect from people and sort things out on my own has not only helped me mentally but it has also helped me emotionally and in my marriage.

It’s a great time, Rusty definitely makes it worth while to be in the woods! Bring bug spray, and peanut butter cookies!

Thank you, brother.

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