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A River Heals

Casting it Forward

A River Heals Unseen Wounds

Frank Moore is a WWII veteran who after his deployment in Normandy in 1944 became a conservationist and land steward. He healed his unseen wounds from the war through the river, his fly rod and steelhead. By experiencing firsthand the healing power of nature, and the rebirth of his soul, he had a new mission to protect the magnificent gem, the North Umpqua River from heavy logging in the 60s and 70s. And he did…

What a stroke of serendipity brought Rusty, co-founder of Source One Serenity, and Frank together in Luxembourg in 2013! Frank became a leading example and a mentor for Rusty to continue serving his country.

How many veterans Rusty already took to the mountains and streams on the upper North Umpqua to let them heal their wounds, express gratitude and experience oneness with nature.

To come full circle, together with other veterans Rusty started building an oak bench to honor and commemorate Frank Moore and to celebrate the passage of the bill on Frank and Jeanne Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary signed into law in March 2019. The Sanctuary is 100,000 acres of Steamboat Creek area, a tributary of the North Umpqua River and one of the world’s most famous salmon and steelhead fisheries. The bill ensures that the river will remain as it is today, and protects this place of Oregon life-long from man’s interference. But there is more. As Frank said, it serves us to be a place to experience a rebirth of our souls.

Unveiling the secret…

Oak bench to be placed at Canton campground in the Umpqua National Forest