Have You Ever Been Drunk on Peace?

We all prefer neither to travel nor undertake anything outdoors during winter storms, right? But what if we already planned a fly fishing weekend at Elliott State Forest, and a winter storm was predicted for those days (second weekend of February). Do we cancel it? NO! Everyone was excited to go to Elliot State Forest, […]

Hikes for Women Veterans Only

We’ve had two hikes on the North Umpqua Trail, and we were touched to hear from Brandy, who is leading hikes for our women veterans. Brandy said, “When I headed out to the meeting spot for that first hike, I was excited and also very nervous. I knew this women’s outreach program was something I […]

Discovering Sense of Purpose with Gary Zukav

September 9, 2018, was a very special day. We met with Gary Zukav, spiritual teacher and the author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers. In his book The Seat of the Soul, and in some of his interviews with Oprah Winfrey, he shared experiences and perceptions of his military career as a Green Beret in Vietnam. We were […]

Finding Peace on the Water

  This article was published in The News Review on May 27, 2018 (by Emily Hoard, Business, Natural Resources and Outdoors Reporter): Since Iraq veteran Rusty Lininger started Source One Serenity in 2016, the nonprofit has been helping veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and disabilities through fly fishing. Douglas County veterans, including Garry Gerlach […]

Why I Fly Tie

This story was written by Warren Price (SSG. Ret.) from Idaho, who became our friend and for whom fly fishing was a life-saver, too. Sitting down to dinner with my family on the 5th of July, our meal was interrupted by a massive explosion.  My wife and kids said I looked like a deer in […]

Source One Serenity in German Tagesspiegel

It is really wonderful to see the Umpqua National Forest front and center in a Berlin travel magazine with a circulation of 115,902. Here is the translation: Into the wood In the northwest of the USA there are dense wilderness and a lot of eccentrics. The perfect habitat for encounters with Bigfoot Joe Beelart is […]

“Catch and Release”: Never a Dull Moment with the Moores

Rusty spent a night at Frank and Jeannie’s place before meeting with Bjoern, a German journalist hiking and documenting the North Umpqua Trail: “When I arrive it’s always quiet. Usually I walk over and say hello to Frank’s pets in the casting pond. Then a quick look for hazardous trees. Frank and Jeannie arrive and […]

Press Release: Our First Fly Fishing School

“I hear the call of the River and Lake this morning, Although I cannot answer it. A peacefulness is upon me, Knowing the serenity of time well spent In a place which cleanses the heart and soul.” On the first morning after coming home from a seven-day fly fishing school with four other veterans, a disabled […]